Installing Rant

Of course you need Ruby to run rant. You can get the latest Ruby package from the Ruby hompage.

There are two ways to install Rant on your system:

Installing Rant as a RubyGem

RubyGems has to be installed on your system. Check this by trying the gem command:

    % gem

If this prints a help message, RubyGems should work. Otherwise install Rant as described in the next section. Now the following command:

    % gem install --remote rant

will download and install Rant. Depending on the RubyGems configuration, you will probably need superuser privileges. Then try to run:

    % rant --version

which should print name and version of the rant command. If this is done, you have successfully installed Rant. Congratulations!

Conventional installation

First download the latest version of Rant from Choose the .zip or .tar.gz file, whatever you like, with the highest version number. Then unpack the archive, cd to the new directory and run the install.rb script. This could look like:

    % tar -xzf rant-<version>.tar.gz
    % cd rant-<version>
    % ruby install.rb

Depending on your Ruby installation, you’ll probably need superuser privileges for the last command. Finally try to run

    % rant --version

to verify Rant was installed correctly.

If you aren’t already reading this documentation in html format, you can generate it with:

    % rant doc

The output will be in doc/html.