Buildfiles in subdirectories

When a software project grows, it is often desired to split the build file up and create multiple buildfiles, e.g. one per directory. Rant has support for this case built in (unlike make). Part of this support is the subdirs command which is described in doc/rantfile.rdoc. This section will describe one possible technique.

First, a project needs to have a so called "root Rantfile". This file lives in the top directory of the project and is called Rantfile or root.rant. Each subdirectory which needs specialized tasks, has a buildfile called sub.rant.

A simple example would be a Ruby project where the test task(s) are defined in a seperate buildfile in the test directory. The directory structure could look like:

            ... some scripts
            ... ruby library scripts

The project has one root.rant file and any number of sub.rant files (in this case only one). In root.rant we define tasks for packaging, installation, cleanup, etc. and in the test/sub.rant file we define tasks that run unit tests.

root.rant could look like:

    import "md5"    # use MD5 checksums instead of timestamps, optional
    import "rubypackage", "rubydoc", "autoclean"

    # reference the "all" task defined in test/sub.rant
    task :default => "test/all"

    desc "Create package for distribution."
    gen RubyPackage, "foo" do |t|
        t.version = "1.0.1"
        t.summary = "Foo is a ruby library and program for ..."
        t.files = sys["bin/*", "lib/**/*.rb", "test/tc_*.rb", "**/*.rant"].shun("pkg")

    desc "Generate HTML docs."
    gen RubyDoc

    desc "Remove generated files and directories."
    gen AutoClean, :clobber

    # read test/sub.rant
    subdirs "test"

and test/sub.rant contains:

    desc "Run all unit tests."
    task :all do
        sys "testrb", sys["tc_*.rb"]

    desc "Run IO related unit tests."
    task :io do
        sys "testrb tc_reader.rb tc_writer.rb"

    desc "Test internals."
    task :internals do
        sys "testrb tc_filter.rb tc_metautils.rb"

Now we run from the shell:

First let rant list all public tasks:

    <rubyproject> $ rant -T
    rant                 # => test/all
    rant package         # Create package for distribution.
    rant doc             # Generate HTML docs.
    rant clobber         # Remove generated files and directories.
    rant test/all        # Run all unit tests.
    rant test/io         # Run IO related unit tests.
    rant test/internals  # Test internals.

We see that if we run rant without arguments, it will run the test/all task.

Change to the test directory:

    <rubyproject> $ cd test
    <test> $ rant -T
    (root is /home/stefan/Ruby/misc/rant/rbtest, in test)
    rant all        # Run all unit tests.
    rant io         # Run IO related unit tests.
    rant internals  # Test internals.
    rant @package   # Create package for distribution.
    rant @doc       # Generate HTML docs.
    rant @clobber   # Remove generated files and directories.

If rant is started from a directory with a sub.rant file, it searches upwards in the directory tree until it finds a file called Rantfile or root.rant. This file will be read first, the directory which contains this file is viewed as the projects root directory. Then it ensures that the sub.rant file in the current directory is read and starts operating. Task names given on the commandline are interpreted relative to the current directory. Tasks defined in other directories can be referenced by prepending them with an @ character.

To run the IO related tests from the test directory we type:

    <test> $ rant io
    (root is /home/stefan/Ruby/misc/rant/rbtest, in test)
    testrb tc_reader.rb tc_writer.rb
    ... output of testrb ...

To run the clobber task from the toplevel directory:

    <test> $ rant @clobber
    (root is /home/stefan/Ruby/misc/rant/rbtest, in test)
    (in /home/stefan/Ruby/misc/rant/rbtest)
    rm -f ...
    ... more output ...

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